Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What I Think

Why do so many people have to use internet explorer, I mean come on! The browser has soooo many security flaws in it. Microsoft is good about sending out updates, and staying on top of exploits found by crackers; but why not trade your browser for something a little more forgiving that hasn't been hacked yet. The last I check, neither firefox nor google chrome had been cracked. Google chrome was hacked, but due to it being sandbox and having two layers of software needing cracking, it has yet to be breached.
IE irks me so much. It gave me problems when I used to use it, and it always picked up so much spyware. Then when it was gone off my computer, I had to convince other people ik to take it off of theirs, and then they loved me for it. I was liberating them from chains of IE, and they really saw a difference. Now when everyone ik has been converted, and IE is long off of my computer, it is back haunting me again. It formats my blog soooo crappy, and now I'm wasting my time trying to figure out a way to block anyone with an IE browser. Ik that's not smart, but I currently can't upload a separate style sheet for them, nor do I choose to change what I currently have. I wont stop teaching myself and trying to figure out how to solve this, but it's irksome.
Microsoft, I don't really care that you have this whole monopoly on the biz, but can you get your browser up on par with the rest of these out there. Your browser is the "only" browser not compatible out of all of them. I also understand that since you are the dominating power, that all crackers tend to focus all of their energy on your software, but ugh! I am still cheering for firefox to become top browser in the world, and thankfully they are starting to get there.

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