Monday, August 24, 2009

Live Raid!

One of the last events to be held at blizzcon 09, was the live raid. We were schedualed to watch the guild, Premonition, take down Cthun, KilJaedon, and Algolon. 3 of the biggest, baddest, bosses during certain periods of WoW. The guild said that would be to easy, and instead were pitted against different line ups of WoW's hardcore bosses.

It was 25 members from premo, pitted against whatever 3 GM's threw at them. For some of you who play WoW, you may remember the old dragons in Azeroth. You know, the ones guarding the portals. Those dragons are still considered hardcore, even for us 20 levels above them. Now imagine fighting all 4 at once! Now imagine taking them out like cake walk!

Premo fought multiple rounds, but their biggest difficulty came when fighting Thaddius, Anub, and Patchwork, all at the same time! There was an instant when everyone gasped just as the polarity changed on Thaddius, and Anub knocked half the raid in the air at the same time. We thought that was going to be a wipe. I highly recommend that you watch the fights.

If you're wondering why I put a pic of hogger at the beginning of this post, well that's the one boss that they couldn't take down! Hogger is still number one!

This first link is a stream. Just click on the on demand at the bottom. then advance the video 28 mins to see the actual fight.

Live Stream

This second link is actually a download of the above video. I haven't tested it yet, but I've read that it works.

Download Video

For those interested in checking the guild out, they have their own website!

Premonition on US Sen'Jin

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