Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jay Mohr Hosting Blizzcon

Comedian Jay Mohr was the host for the competitions we watched on Friday night. This included the dance contest, sound alike contest, and the costume contest.

From what I hear, I guess most people have more crap to say than good stuff about him this year. Personally, I thought he was great! There were some moments there when I and everyone else would be like huhhh, but then Jay wouldn't miss a beat and keep the ball rolling. Pertaining to the comments about Jay being a racist and a sexist, well to all of you saying that, have you ever been to a comedy club! It usually gets wayyyyy worse than what Jay was saying. So what he'd hit on the girls on stage at least he was fair and would hit on the ugly ones too! It was all in fun, and it looked like the girls were fine on stage. Plus, what nerd there wasn't checking the girls out, he was vocalizing out thoughts! lol

well I have posted a clip below from this last weekend, as well as links to his website, and twitter. It was funny because he announced his twitter name 20 million times during the show just to see how many followed him after.

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