Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Years!

I know I'm a few days off the ball, but happy new years everyone! Hope everyone had a good time and ended the year with a bang. Thanks for the new year wishes @maggie and @maxivelasco. Also thanks to my friends on FB.

So this year is a great year, I've been waiting for this year for the past..iono.. 7 years, haha. Why? well it's the year of the tiger! I was born in 86, so that means this is my year :) No offense, but tiger is the coolest year of them all ;P

This year may have just started, but time is already looking scarce.. it could just be the time of year. But just in this month, wrk is going to get busier, I have school starting, and the new arena season for WoW starts. Gonna have to be at the top of my game for all 3 of those.

So for anyone who wants to know my new years resolution, how about one for my blog :)

    This year, for my blog, I will get my hands dirty with some photoshop and create a new design for the blog


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This year is your year because you were born in 86. So does that mean that 09 was my year cause I was born in 85? lol If true, I protest! 09 was not that good! lol

I think that is a great Resolution!

Btw, I need you to vote for me on Out Of Tune Idol! lol

Go cast your vote! :P