Sunday, June 07, 2009

Online Portfolios

I was talking with my brother (16 years old) today, and was telling him that he should create an online portfolio. This online portfolio would include a brief about me, his resume, references, and past work he has done. The most time you would spend on one of these, would be building it. The rest of the time you spend a couple of seconds updating it, and then don't touch it for a year. Well, in a manner of speaking. You may fly in and out of jobs and classes a lot. At least you can impress your potential employer, or friends, by handing them a hard copy of your resume that has a link to an online portfolio detailing your work experience and education. I'm thinking about making one myself, and may help my other brothers and sisters make one if they want. It's never to late to start, the sooner you do, the less work you have to do later on. The good thing is that I have my new domain. With my domain I have google pages, that can be used for this sort of thing. It just comes down to if my brothers and sisters don't mind have the "". Well I think it's better than having *.somecorporation.

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