Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Wing stop & energy drink night!

I was dog sitting at my dads all last weekend, so it was only natural to have my pal Dylin over for a bit. He's always busy, so it's hard to hang out sometimes. Especially with my living in Suisun, it's not as convenient as my dad's house being 1 min away. It's was supposed to be a pool night, but we never touched it. Ended up ordering 24 pieces of chicken from wingstop, and stocking up on energy drinks. Watched a shitload of movies, and played chess. I won the first game, he didn't want to play after :( . He came over at 6, and didn't leave until like 2:30 in the morning. He stayed late partly due to him waiting for the alcohol to work out of his system, and secondly to the time hella flying by. The movies we watched consisted of, Untraceable, The Perfect Stranger, and Guyver!!! He had never seen any of those, I'm so disappointed. Next time we get together, we need to watch Transformers. Can you believe he's never seen it!?!

And no, no pics. We weren't being much of camerawhores.

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