Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Iphone 3g S!!

pulled this pic off of apples site, shhhhhh

Apple's new phone, the Iphone 3g S, is slated to come out soon. It is also going to be release at a competable price, only $199 for the smallest 16 gig device. That's what I paid for my 8 gig 3g, the morning of it's release. Also, sadly, my phone costs $99 dollars now -_- . This pricing is a result of all the new smart phones hitting the market soon, such as the new palm pre that is dubbed the iphone killer. A lot of what is advertised for the new phone, I will get for mine on the next patch to come out soon. That would be things like tethering support, cut and paste, and my favorite, better SMS support!! Even though I'm going to get a lot of new goodies in my phones next update, I still want the new 3g S, because of 2 other features. Those 2 other features, are a better more advanced camera, and the ability to record and edit video! These are the 2 biggest hardware related complaints from all iphone users since day one.

The camera has an advanced system to automatically focus on objects dependent on their distance away from you. You can also touch anywhere on the screen to have the camera focus on that obect.

The video you record can be edited and mailed to your friends all from your phone. When editing video, each frame pops up separately for your splicing pleasure.

Now with these phones comes a new heated debate. Most iphone 3G users, want to trade in their "old" 3g, for the new 3g S. But they would have to pay double the price, because they are still locked into a 2 year contract with ATT and haven't hit the point where they can upgrade their phone. I think that right there is going to knock out a large core of the demographic whom are going to purchase the new 3gS.

My biggest problem is tethering. I wish ATT would allow us to tether out phones. I mean the phone is going to support it with the next update, but I'm not going to be able to use it. Japan has tethering!!

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