Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm Such a Nerd

As some may now, I recently bought a new 32" tv. The specs on it aren't the greatest, but for the price and it being an hd tv, it was unbeatable.

Well no matter how much I can't get enough using it now, I'm ready for my next idea! I want to buy a dedicated desktop computer to be hooked up to the tv. Why wont I build it myself? Well I'll wait til later to build an uber kickass desktop. I've already seen the pre-made desktop that would be great, at best buy for 900 bucks. Can you image, just have a computer hooked to the tv as the central hub of my house network. I can access all the shared files off of all 5 or 6 computers in the house. That means I could stream all kinds of music, or downloaded movies. We are always watching movies on our laptops, why not give that up and watch it on the big screen! Plus, if I'm bored, I could just load up some WoW or other computer game. Most tv shows now are streamed for free online. So if I'm late to watch one, oh wells, I could log onto their website and watch it on the tv anyways. Now for a setup like this, the less cords the better. So it'll be controlled through a wireless keyboard and mouse. It'll also have a wireless card in it for the internet. Oh I also forgot to mention that if I dl some emulators and ROMS, you'll see me playing some old school nintendo or sega on the tv with wireless or wired, controllers!

Sighhh, it'll be a while though lol

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