Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So I got in a car wreck yesterday. Yeah, ik, wth right. What sucks is that the damage is on the front, and I'm the one who hit the other person, so it's technically my fault.

What happened was that I was behind a Jag, who was behind an old chevy pickup. We three were going to take the offramp for redtop road. Well a power washer fell out of the old pickup truck and into out lane. The lady in front of me went around it, and I followed her. Well what she did next.. !@$@#%$!$@#$@$!@!!!!! .. she stopped right in front of me. Sucky part is that it was gravel so I pretty much just slid right into the back of her. Ughhh. Well after talking to my insurance, they are going to look into seeing if it is the other guys fault for dropping the power washer on the highway. I go tomorrow to get the assessment done on my car. Just hope I can get it fixed soon, and behind me.

This hasn't been my month, seriously. I'm already busy with school this summer, and have "other" stresses going on. I just bought a new radiator for my car when it went out two weeks ago. ugh XD. I'm trying to save money for blizzcon this august.

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