Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fushigi Yuugi..... Remembering

Sighh.. how refreshing to stay up past midnight watching anime. I can't remember when the last time I did that was.. hmm may have been with Elfen Lied. But really, I just finished watching Fushigi Yuugi, OVA3. This was the one and only part of the series that I had never seen, but wanted to. This was a series recommended to me by my gf at the time, and I really loved it. I would stay up late at night to watch it, and wouldn't want to stop. I think the 3rd installment of the OVA's, was a good revisit to the past. Tamahome and Miaka get married of course, but right of the bat, Tamahome is forced to return to his world due to another girls jealousy. Did I forget to mention that Miaka is pregnant!! It's in the old world where things start falling into place. It has been 10 years in that world since last seen. It plays out in a way that is heartwarming to see old friendships reborn. Watching an anime like this one, especially an old one, reminds oneself of old feelings. You may think you remember how it felt, but sometimes little things serve as very good reminders. You relive the past.

I'm also getting back into eurobeat. Thanks to my brother for playing some the other day, it really got me craving some Initial D which also shares a history with me.

Well anyways.. if I don't start watching another anime series, I should really just goo to bed, lol.


maxivelasco said...

hmm. i've seen a few episodes of fushigi yugi when i was still in the philippines. it is one of my younger brother's favorite anime shows. the characters are actually cute, too!

can't remember much anymore about this anime. hmmm.

anyway, i have launched my new blog

hope we can also exchange links with my new blog.


maxivelasco said...

hello chris.. with your kindness... i am more than willing to help. :-)

i have created already the code for your badge... you can find your code here and the instructions on what to do:

Chris's Blog's Badge HTML Code

hope it helps. let me know if something's wrong....

maxivelasco said...

you are welcome. no worries. it took me just a couple of minutes to post it. i was thinking that you might be offline already or scared to give away your email add (like me) that's why i understand...

i am glad it helped and it's working.

problem is, i can't copy your code. whenever i try to right click it, it won't show the commands. maybe your blog does not allow copy paste commands... or maybe just in my computer. hmm. not sure though..

you are welcome. i am always glad to help...

chris said...

that's understandable that you don't want your email getting out. I actually have one set up for this blog that you can find the link for on my navbar. I also wouldn't mind giving u my personal one neither, as i know u have a personal blog and aren't some corp. where i have to spam list u ;P jp.

yeah you can't right click because i disabled it, but if u hold ctrl and press c, it will copy what you highlite. So your computer is fine!