Friday, September 04, 2009

Link Exchanges

I would like you, the reader, to give me your opinion on something.

I recently read an article .. sorry no link to it.. that talked about the best way to make your blog layout. The article stated that when you link to someone else's blog, that you shouldn't make that blog open in a new page, but in the existing page. This goes against anything I've read about setting links up on blogs. I've read that you should have those links open in a new page, so that the reader doesn't get lost or moved away from your own blog, and they still get to see the blog you have linked to. The argument that the article i read made, is that yes it will take the user away from your site, but that it's also morally wrong to force the reader, somewhat, to stay on your page.

My question to you, is what do you think? Should I make all links to other people's blogs open on the existing page, or on a separate page? To those of you that I already link or post your blog badge, how do you feel about my method of posting them?

Personally, I prefer when browsing someone else's page to have all links open in a separate window. This is because I hate having to use the back button.

To those of u that don't know, link exchanges are an excellent way to raise your google page rank. By hosting a link to someones page, and they urs, you are helping each other become more easily findable in google searches. It can help bring readers to your site as well, but it's more important in raising your page rank.

If you would like to find all of the blogs that I've exchange links with, and also other blog badges, you can find those under blog topics --> blogs & blog badges.


Anonymous said...

I also think it is better for the new page to pop up on a new window it is way easier and you can go back to your previous page with no problem, definetly is a better option for me. I think that whatever works for you best is what you should do! :)

Erii said...

I like new Tabs...that way if I want to go back to the the original blog I can do it with ease. Thinking once your reader navigates away from your blog, they might never go back and read some of your other post.