Friday, July 17, 2009

Anime Update .. Where I'm At

pic is from Blood+

So here's my list of what needs to be finished watching and want to watch.

Currently watching:
Code Geass

Want to watch:
Rosario Vampire Capu 2

BTW, my sis keeps getting on me for not updating on the blood the last vampire movie we saw. My rating of blood, it was freaking awesome! Must see for anyone who has the time.


Yuko-Minako said...

I like blood+ and air,(oh my god, air makes me cry every episode, it's so sad, and kanon is too...

Yuko-Minako said...

Thanks for your comments.. ^^
hehe, about physics, i get a good exam, (I love you God!), hehe, it was easy.

And, i like "chop suey" its a good song, hehe, i play that song whit some friends of mine.

and about air, if you like the drama, This is for you, is a looooooot of drama!, (the movie is very good), and kanon is very dramatic too... hehe,
(i like to cry, haha...)

see ya...!! ^^