Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mobile Blog

So I am currently working on making a mobile version of this blog. Before all of you start shaking your heads and grumbling on what a waste of time it is, I just want to say that I am doing this to gain some experience in mobile sites and I feel it best to start with this blog. I currently use Zandongo to make and edit the mobile version of this site. You can go to it at

I'm currently frustrated trying to find a way to redirect mobile users visiting this blog, to view the mobile version instead. This would be so much easier if I were doing it on a server XD But hey, it's a learning curve ;)

Wish me luck!

edited: I spelled zinadoo wrong, so some of you would have had trouble if checking my links. They should all wrk now :)


Maggie said...
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Maggie said...

Sounds really complicated. Goodluck with it. Tell us more about it once you get it done. =)

chris said...

it's not too complicated in setting it up. all i had to do in setting it up was do an RSS feed from this site.

I just need to find the code to actually have it forward people to the site.

jiggins said...

The thing is, soon .. very many phones will be able to just access the regular PC site on their mobile devices. I can already, and I do not have an iphone even. I wouldn't mind learning how to do the mobile blog thing, from your set of ideas tho.. just to know how do it. :P

chris said...

jiggins- yeahh that's very true. Most phones coming out right now, I'm sure, load pages in all their glory. Although speaking of iphone, it doesn't support flash XD.

But I don't think we'll see everyone make a major shift to the new smartphones just yet, and the skills of knowing how to set up a mobile site will be important

Jessica Hunter said...

Hmm I still can't see your site, it says it can't find the server, but we'll see. Maybe it will work magically later? lol
It seems silly that the IPhone doesn't support flash! lame.. What about the blackberries? I was thinking about getting the tour so that I could still use it when I go through Europe next year. Or are they a step behind the IPhone in terms of how they support/function with internet pages?
Curious stuff this is. lol

chris said...

hey jess!

Yeah you can't have the www. .. my fault, I took it off now. It's very basic, and all plain text. Still need to toy with it some yah know.

Blackberries do support flash.. I'm just not sure if you have to download it yourself or if it comes with it.

Iphones don't support it, because it runs in the background which apple doesn't want.. sucks up battery life and makes it less secure. Hopefully adobe comes out with something that apple will accept, but we'll see, they were sposed to have something in the works.

If you get a blackberry, be sure to read up on it first. I always here about different problems that blackberrys are getting.