Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ants in my Pants

So here's my story of this morning before work. I woke up at 6:30 thanks to my cellphone. Our power had gone out due to the storm, not sure how long it was out for. I used a flashlight and propped the bathroom mirrors perfectly so I'd have enough light to get ready for work. I say my good byes, and zoom along to work. At least, zoom as quickly and safely the rain and traffic would allow. So when I get to work I notice a patch of ants on my leg. After brushing them off, I notice another patch of ants.. then another....and another. My pants were covered in ants! and I never even notice because it was too dark to see when I got dressed.

I keep all of my work clothes in the closet. Well the rain must have force the ants inside, which their favorite route is right through my closet. Here's to going home tonight to clean out those ants from my clothes.


nituscorner said...

that sounds like a bad start to a day.....hope you were not bitten.ant bites can be painful.

chris said...

nope i wasn't bitten, that would have sucked. Luckily we have those little black ants that don't bite around here. It would have been horrible if it were those ants that are bigger and tend to sting.

A S said...


first time on ur blog!

it even sounds scary yaar!ants all over ... ouch!!