Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kanon Wakeshima

My sister introduced me to this artist recently. She has a really unique sound. Besides her soothing voice, her songs are unique in that she incorporates her playing the chelo. If I were to compare this to an American band, I'd say Evanescence. They share the same kind of dark sounding orchestral kind of music. If you like Jrock, I highly recommend you take a listen.


teJan said...

i agree with you..she's pretty and what a voice;)

good day chris:)

Anonymous said...

Awesome music.

I'm not really into JPOP music, I only like a few songs and they are mostly anime songs. But I am into KPOP! And the only JPOP artist I like is Boa and that is cause she is Korean and so I got to know her through her korean music first.

Thanks a lot for sharing! it is always good to hear and know that good music is still around!

chris said...

-teJan: yeah the songs are amazing, and soothing.

-maggie: BOA is awesome! I don't know one guy who doesn't like BOA. I believe she knows like 7 different languages which is amazing. I've heard her sing songs in like 4 different languages. She has a lot of talent.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and she is great live too! In 2003 when I lived in L.A I went to the Hollywood Bowl for a Korean concert with various kpop artists and she was great!

If you ever find out about a Kpop concert near your place never hesitate to go, that concert I went to is one of my most precious memories I have.

Anonymous said...

voice not bad, i like it

Yuko-Minako said...

wao.. she's pretty!!, i dont like jpop music... but she has a great voice..!* and 4 different languages.. well... not bad..!

chris said...

hey yuko! haven't seen you around in a while. Yeah she does have a great voice.

I went to comment on ur blog, but it would allow comments anymore

chris said...

meant to say it wouldn't allow comments anymore