Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Jay Chou

So I'm talking to this girl who's in my class, and she is into Jrock.. which is totally awesome! Well I was youtubing on my iphone on the way home to hear her fav. band Gakt, when I realised... hey! i like so much more than just Jrock. I ended up youtubing Jay Chou and listening to that omw home.. lol

OK, so yeah Jay Chou is one of those asian versions of boy bands where girls scream and coo all over him.. but I still like his music. I went through a whole Jay Chou phase in high school, and thanks to the internet, I knew what he was saying in his songs! Well I did a quick browse through youtube to find all my old fav. Jay Chou songs.. so go and check them out. My most fav. would be the first link.

A side note that most of you probably don't know...from what I have heard.. he mumbles while he sings. Hey don't shoot the messenger, that's just what I heard..but it still sounds good ;)

Ba, wo hui lai le

Jian Dan Ai

An Jing

Piao Yi

Fa Ru Xue

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