Thursday, July 09, 2009

Creating "Pages" With Blogger

While hanging out on the google help forums, I think the question that is asked the most is, how do i make pages? Like about my pages, or just informational pages, etc.

Well the truth is, blogger doesn't have the ability to make pages, like wordpress does. Although there is a little workaround that you can do, that makes it seem like you have pages.

So this post is going to talk about back dating your post, and making it into a page.

1. so first off, start by creating a new post.

2. type all of the information that you want to be on your page, you don't have to make labels.

3. click post options in the lower left corner

4. go ahead and change your date to a wayyyy older date. The date can be older than your blog. You mainly want it to be the oldest post there, so it appears at the back of all your blog posts.

5. Once you have change your date, go ahead and click publish post

6. Now find your post, which should be in the back, and click it, so that only that post appears on the page.

7. Copy the URL

8. Use this URL to make your link. The code for links is

9. Post this code anywhere on your blog, where you would like the link for your pages.

The about me section uses this same trick. It looks like a page, but if you were to sift through the pages of my posts, you would find it towards the back ;)

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Chev said...

haha good one!!! i ALMOST thought of that way, but u beat me to it. =b