Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Update as of 10-28-09

Time for another post detailing changes I've made. One thing that has been bothering me recently, is the formatting of my blog posts. All of my paragraphs look like plain blocks of text and would blend together. To make life on the eyes a little easier, I have formatted everything with a paragraph tag to be indented. You can see this change in some of my more recent posts.

Another thing that was a failure, anime pics of the week. There is no way that I'm going to keep browsing the web for my fav. anime pic of the week. It gets old after a while, haha

So instead of the anime pic of the week, I will be doing weekly tech posts. Being a computer nerd, I'm constantly being asked by people how to fix little common annoyances they have with their computers. Posting every week on tech will be a little challenging, but that is why I'm setting Friday as a permanent day to do this and am sticking to it.

My idea for this weeks tech post, I'm thinking, is going to be how to remove that stupid side bar they have in windows vista and windows xp black. I'm aware that most of you aren't on vista, but it's a start.


Anonymous said...

I think your tech posts will be awesome and a great deal of help for us poopie heads that have no idea about computers!

And I have windows vistaaa soo helpppp!! hahhaa

nituscorner said...

am not comp savvy either am looking forward for some computer classes here.