Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog Updates and Changes

So I had about 3 different posts in mind to put up here this last weekend, but for the life of me I can't remember what they were. I think one of them had to do with the whole Kanye and Taylor thing at the VMA last night..which btw I agree with about 90% of the worlds population in saying that Kanye west is an asshole.

Going back on track, this post is to detail all of the changes that I have made to the blog recently. One change that you may or may not have seen for the last week or so, was the admin panel. I have moved this now to an off page in google sites, and have put the link to the page in my blog topics. This is not only more secure for me and my users, but also more cleaned up. I don't like to clutter my sidebar up to much, so I threw it up on my beloved navbar. If your thinking, well you throw everything up on the navbar, doesn't that clog things up as well? Well my answer is yes I do! I love my navbar. And no, it doesn't clog things as much as it would have if sitting on the sidebar.

Another change to keep your eyes open for, is a photo gallery! I have recently read of a way to utilize google sites to upload a photo gallery created in adobe flash, to be viewed on your blog. As some may know, blogger has many ups and downs when compared to real website hosting. It may be cheaper and simpilar, but it's really restrictive on things you can do with blogger alone. So here's to hoping I get my blogger gallery uploaded and viewable soon!

While I'm thinking about it, you may have noticed the below test post that was sent from flickr. I hope that this doesn't clog my blog up to much with hella photo updates, but I thought that it may be a nice addition if it works right.

If you follow the below link, you can see the gallery which inspired me to want to create my own.

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Anonymous said...

I did not watch the VMA'S this time. I remember back in the days people awaited this event, I do think it has gotten worse and people are just wack like Kanye! lol

I'll be sure to check out your gallery. :)