Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Ongoings

EDITED *including a link to watch the series*
School Days Eps

Wow, a full week of no posting XD I have seriously been meaning to post somethings, honest, but I generally forget what I meant to post, or I just get wrapped up in something else. I will say that my blog hasn't totally taken the back burner, I have finally found a gallery software that works. I originally wanted the gallery created by indigo scripts, but sadly, they aren't around anymore. So, I have settled with gallery2(creative huh :P). I should have that up and posted in my blog soon.

I have also ..wait..damn. What'd I say? I have already forgot the 2nd thing, it'll come back to me. You can thank me for having to run up and restart the server for my companies cameras.

I am now a guild master on my priest alt. I am actually the guild master of the very first guild I was in years ago, when I was really trying to be hardcore about WoW, and leveling my mage. This guild was being used as a junk storage place by an old guildie of mine, whom the original guild master gave it to. So I talked to him and now hope to revive it as a pvp guild. My plan in the next expansion to come out, is to spec it as a pvp guild, and also work up relations with other end game guilds who are going PVE. I hope to strike up an alliance with the other end game guilds, so that my members who would like to PVE at times, will not feel limited to PVP only. Ik that I would like to PVP and PVE with my priest, so it's a nice thought.

Same story as usual. School is taking up a lot more time this semester than it has before. I'm trying to get to bed early every night than normal, no more midnight stints. So now I find spare time more scarce. If I have an ounce of free time left, I try to spend it in WoW, or I read more of the new Da Vinci Code sequal.

That pic had nothing to do with this post, but I was searching for an anime pic, and saw it. The pic is from school days, which is a highly psychotic and crazy anime. If you're in the mood for something like that, I highly recommend it. It's very short, and starts out cute and bubbly and stuff. But as the anime progresses, it gets a little darker, then in the last 2 eps, it's outright extreme!

here's a trailer (looks cute, but it's only a mask to the deeper darker side of it)


Anonymous said...

So, what is the anime really about?? I love the song!!

chris said...

hey maggie,
I'd only recommend this to someone who can handle gore. It starts off as a nice story, you might even build a liking towards certain characters. It isn't until the middle of the anime that things look shaky, and people go crazy. Things get pretty bloody.

People going crazy over love, jealousy, and someone cheating on them.