Friday, June 09, 2006

my rental car

ok imah bout to go to bed but i had to post bout my rental car. see if u dun know already, my mazda is in da shop getting sum body work dun so right now im driving a dodge magnum...can u say hemi..dat car is so freakin fast ...and only having it for like four days ive aready gotten myself into hella shit wit it..les see firs sum kids tailgated me coming off da highway, made an illegal left turn ...cutting me off...jus so dey wouldn't have to wait behind me. well i had Ro saying burn dem and i wasn't gonna let dem best me like dat, so i pulled up right next to em' and floored it......we never saw em' catch up when we got to da next stop see..the next event would have to be Ro's fault who said there was a trick to hitting these railroad tracks without it being hella bumpy, which is to stay on da im like cool that'll come in i drive full on da right not realising it has one hella big bump...i hit dat shit so hard dat the front tires lifted off da ground...but being the all wheel drive beast it is, it didn't take much to keep that fat ass under control. now ive been wanting to race Z's lil Teg...integra, cuz he believes it can beat dis car...well i have yet to get my race, but i did get to race an eclipse da other night. when i went to pick Oly up from work after Z's graduation, a coworker with the eclipse was like hey chris les run tonight...and Oly was like yeah les go, hurry and get to da we got to da car and hurried after him getting alongside in da other lane... at firs i thought shit he aint trying...cuz im like backing off da gas every now and den to not pass him up....den im like fuck dis...wave goodbye..and floor didn't take long to leave him behind at a pretty big distance. my satisfaction came from the fact that i heard him flooring it as well so after thinking bout dat and da was a all out race..and i a rental ways to ruin all dis..i spent 50 bucks filling her back up...sigh..when do i get my mazda back. another thing is that ive been driving small cars since da make it sound like forever...and all u guys wit small cars know wat it's like wit ur who here has tried fitting two ppl into the front passenger seat of a toyota was hell, specially for a guy jus over 6 foot. now dis car as u can see in da photos is huge...and has folding down seats in da u know where im goin wit dis...ok, when i fold down the seats, both the trunk and dos seats create wat can only be described as a bed, even a 6 foot guy like me can lay lengthwise and fit me, had to try it. well off to bed, las day of work tomorrow, and den on to a better job.

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