Thursday, June 08, 2006

Z's graduation

Ok so i jus started my blog and dis is my firs post, ...thx's her fault, she even made Ro wan to make one....he has yet to make one ;P ...ok so i went to Z's graduation today and got some photos that i'll through at the bottom of this, but firs lemme say that the Hemi engine can give u da jitters sumtimes, i picked Oly up at wrk today and a coworker wit his eclipse was like "hey chris u wanna run tonight", so Oly was like chris run!! les go, so the rental car...yes my car is in the shop, and now im driving a dodge the rental car and the eclipse bumped heads...well les say that it seemed like the eclipse wasn't trying...i wasn't giving it much nor was he, den i floored and waved good bye, he had it gunned too but i was gone i didn't think he tried until i noticed the speed i was goin and was like shit!! ..oh wells..slow to make da damn ways heres da photos and expect another post at the end of da week...

Z's graduation

Dis is Z's graduating class..hella small,...a hella of lot smaller den my graduating class.

Z getting his diploma..oh yeah

Tina: "how about we celebrate our ..uh.."freedom" ..tonight"
Zishan: "Score!!"
or prob tina is jus looking at her dorky BF Z

and lastly we have Z wit his dad, mom, and brother..who..meaning his goin to buy Z more car parts for his

well that's my firs post, see ya'll on friday, my last day as a QC at G.L. Mezzetta, and den im on to bigger, and better, things, my friends u know wat i mean ;)

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