Friday, August 11, 2006

Lake Solano

Ok wit Oly it's usually hard to find sumthin to do...namely she's very picky i thought it be a good idea to hit the lake wit her and heng out...she's one of dem types that likes to take long walks out in da middle of's me who doesn't when she complains bought her feet wit the hard ass shoes she wears...ok..not totally ways so we went to lake Solano.....figured it would be a good time..and it was...we'll prob head back a lil earlier dis coming weekend, so we can get out in da ne ways heres da pics from our last trip

lol .... pose ...that branch hella looks like it wants to break..

sshhhhhhh!!! im hunting lizards....

pose Oly bad i wasn't fast enough to catch em on camera..

jus an all together nice smile :)

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