Thursday, July 27, 2006


first lemme say that i have yet to update because all of my photos are on a disposable that has yet to be developed that is sitting in my room....lets just say my digital needs to be ways... i went to the store today to pick up sumthun and thought wah the hell and decided to pick up sum manga .....well the firs one to catch my eye is "shojo beat" and then next to it is the good ol' "shonen jump" my reaction :oh ive never read shojo beat before ,,must be good and bought it." but wah i forgot was that shojo is girl in japanese, and shonen of course im like dah *hand on head ...oh wells got Oly sumthin to look at and practice her english...i tried to read it for the romantic stuff...but it was tooo cutsy for my story was titled sex and i read dat one...but was least the wasn't Yaoui *gay* .

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