Friday, June 26, 2009

New WoW Updates

My WoW Main's Profile

New WoW web browser

If you read, you have probably seen these announcements already, but they were just to cool for me not to post something on.

So what do we get when we cross Opera + Elitest Jerks... well we get the world of warcraft internet browser! lol. Now ik that some of you are shaking ur heads, but you have to admit that it would be nice to have all of the best wow tools in one easy to use package...and it's based off of a really good browser! Well on the good browser note, it has mixed reviews. From what I hear, you either love it, or you want to murder it. I am tempted to put this browser on my work computer and use it instead of my google chrome..but then again.. what would be the point of a wow browser at work...when you can't play wow! dilemmas

The second coolest update, is that wowhead has finally release the beta version of the character profiles..and I love it! You not only get to see your character in 3D, but you also get a really detailed breakdown of all your gear and statistics. Like do you know that I am missing 5 enchants, and one gem.. OMFG! I'm letting my team down *cry* *cry!* *sniff* anywayss guess who just called ^_^

btw, feel free to click the link up top to see what wowheads new beta looks like while viewing my character

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