Friday, June 26, 2009


Alright it's friday! That means there are a few things to post today, such as:
-anime pic of the week
-new updates
-omg new WoW announcements, lol

I'll have two separate posts for WoW announcements and the anime pic of the week.

This post is going to be my pre-weekend post, as normally I never post here during the weekend. I'm always so busy. If I'm not doing anything, I'm making lost time up in WoW, so I hardly check anything else out online. This weekend is going to be pretty basic, I'm still at my dad's taking care of their animals while they are away.. but they should be back tomorrow morning. I think my best day of this weekend will be this sunday, as I have a special thing all planned out.. more information to be posted after the even unfolds. ;)

I'm also in a rental car right now, and will be all weekend. My car is in the shop getting repairs from the wreck I was in last week. To bad I don't have a lambo or really sporty car rental to make a kick ass impression on sunday. I guess the PT Cruiser will have to do.

So to some it all up, this weekend I'm looking forward tooooo:
-Late night convos on the phone
-Making up for lost WoW time

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