Friday, June 26, 2009

Anime Pic of the Week!

OMG! I cheated! I'm sooo sorryyy. I give in! I plead guilty! What's my 5th right!!?? I went to 4chan! for these! *cry*

Well yeah I did go to 4chan with these. I haven't been to active over the net this last week, surprisingly. Probably cuz when I'm at my dad's I tend to watch movies the whole time. Well this week I happened to find that horror channel, so that's all I have been watching. Like tonight, they have a stephen king movie called the girl next door.. looks trippy, and stephen king always has some great movies.

Well I liked that pic up top, because it was very nicely drawn, and it had this free feeling to it. Makes me want to grab some girl and run to the roof! haha..that sounded so wrong -_-

I wanted to post this, just because it was cute in an anime sense. Plus, I hate spam.

Anime pic of the week also shows up in my blog topics menu now. So for anyone wanting to see just those, can click that link

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