Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Comcast to Offer TV on the Internet

We are starting to see more and more tv shows making it to the web legally with commercial advertising. Thanks to hulu for mainly starting that. Well, comcast has partnered with Warner Brothers, and hope to provide the same services come June. The only catch, is that you have to already be paying monthly for your tv service. So mainly this idea is more of a bonus for comcast customers. You can log onto a comcast site from anywhere, and watch your fav. tv show that you may or may not have missed.

I think this is the future of home entertainment. I believe we'll start to see more tv and computers integrated into one, with favorite shows available at anytime you want. Can you imagine pausing the program you are watching on tv, and pulling up the internet to make dinner reservations, all without getting up from the couch. Or maybe you want to chat with friends while browsing for music in your home theater. This is something I know I would set up for myself, but I also see this as something everyone is going to have in the future.... or at least something similar.

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