Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Emblems of Conquest Patch 3.2 Changes

I'm a little late on this topic, but I feel like complaining anyways. For those who don't know, we are gearing up for our next big patch, 3.2. Generally I wouldn't have to much to complain about, because my class will not be seeing any changes. This means no worries on any to be nerf, and I'm frost fire spec, so I push out enough dps. Although I wouldn't mind a little more love to arcane again so I can spec back.

As most know, Blizzard has been gearing WoW towards the more casual player, and moving away from having things totally hardcore. I have been in the game since the early days upon it's release, and I was totally welcome to making it easier for some to see the content with a lesser challenge and lesser gear drops. It allowed experienced players to feel totally epic, and casual players to have a chance to see things. Things have been changing, and slowly the game has become more and more of a casual player experience.

The badge changes coming up, will get rid of the tiered badge system. Now all dungeons...including heroics.. will drop the emblems of conquest. I can see all of the nubs wearing T8.5 gear now, just by farming heroics. I am glad we have the faction specific gear coming out next patch *thumbs crossed for sunreaver looking armor* but I'm going to hate seeing people without the experience flaunting high level gear. This will make pugs totally harder, because you wont be able to judge a person on their gear anymore. I'm a casual player because I have no time between work and school. I'm lucky to be in a guild that is both hardcore and casual. Even though these changes will benefit me extremely, I don't want them.

I miss my noob days, looking at lvl 60 capped players with their high level gear on, thinking that someday I can be there amongst their ranks.

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