Monday, June 29, 2009

A love for anime??

So this weekend, I went out with this one girl and her brother, whom both happen to be big anime fans. It was refreshing to sit down and just listen to someone talk with a true passion for it. Most of the people that I talked to about it, are off doing there own thing, or totally busy with school or work. I think this is why even I haven't watched to much lately.

Without anyone else to feed some fuel to that fire, I fell into the groove I was in for over a year. This consisted of 3, school, and world of warcraft. Work and school I can't change, those will always take like 50% of my time. As for WoW, I wish I could spend more time in it, but maybe I should work on squeezing some anime time into the mix. Get me out of the same old norm. Plus, I need to hop onto the console some more. I'm afraid to say that my skills have become very rusty and distasteful.

well anyways, I put a pick from code geass above, because I have been watching it lately. A friend recommended it to me, and he has yet to let me down on his anime choices. I can see why he liked it though, with the main character moving his army around as if they were pieces on a chess board. FYI, my friend has taking a big liking to chess recently. So I'm sure you get it. The anime itself can't replace any of the bigger mecha series out there, but it has it's merits that make it worth the watch.

I currently find myself liking the heroin Suzaku who fights with his life on the line to protect others. Unlike the main character Lelouch, who I think will sacrifice people like chess pieces, to obtain what he wants. Currently the two are best friends, on opposite sides. They find themselves constantly pitted against each other, but don't know whom the other really is.

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maxivelasco said...

oh no. i went online to talk to my family back in the philippines through yahoo chat. it was great and my youngest brother kept on talking about this and that animes.. ahhh! i really feel like i need to catch up wit the news anime on telly these days.

have a great day chris! i will also try and check Suzaku and ask my brother if he knows it...

have a great day and hugs!