Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So everyone has some kind of Micheal Jackson thing going on. Just shows how popular of an artist he was. I had decided not to blog about his death, but here is my little page tribute to MJ.. 2 segments I found on youtube from Captain EO. Captain EO was a 3D film in disneylands tomorrow land. Since MJ's death, I wonder if we'll see disneyland running it one more time. It's interesting to note that even though this movie looks verrryyy old, it was one of the most costly ones made at the time for it's short length. I think I had seen these before, but I'm not to sure on that since the movie is as old as I am.... it came out in 1986.


Ailurophile said...

I'll miss MJ too. Despite his eccentricities he gave alot to the music world, and to the countless fans across the world. Thanks for sharing the video!

Dawn said...

OMG I completely forgot about Captain EO... that was the coolest!

We used to love filing into the air-conditioned room and getting the very cool plastic 3D glasses.

Awe, good times, good times.

jiggins said...

Man .. I remember seeing this at Disneyland when i was a kid.. pretty cool stuff.. long before IMAX movies and 3D-style rides. It was a trip for sure!

Looking forward to following your corner of the web man! Stop by Splitting Tens sometime! Hope to see you there!