Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back to blogger and blogging

So after jumping between... ummm.. 4 different blogging platforms (wordpress,drupal,squarespace,tumbler) after initiall leaving blogger, I told myself that I was never going to blog again. IMO it was a waste of time and I was already busy between gaming, school, anime, and whatever else I'm into. Blogging about those things took me away from actually doing those things. So after about a month of no blogging, what do I do, I start a new blog dedicated to one game and start blogging again on my original blog (this blog). It's terrible, I know. So know there are like 20 posts from one day alone, but all of those posts were taken from my old blogs. Those are only about half the posts, but some do get lost in translation.

I've spending a lot of time with photoshop and web design lately, that I've been getting a lot of ideas for this blog. Coming back I'm surprised to see how well I even designed this with not knowing what I know now. I used a lot of shortcuts and rigged the code just to make it work, so the automated blogger design doesn't really work with my blog. Even switching out a theme will make a lot of the code disappear. So I'll go through and hopefully get a lot of the old code cleaned up and start designing my blog more to my current tastes.

I'm also throwing in more categories (or more tags being used as categories) into my topics list. My old list was pretty lacking in topics, so this will be more to my tastes. This is all probably due to me getting a little older and being more experienced since I last posted to this blog.

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