Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hacking a Password Protected Iphone

   For those who may or may not know, it’s possible to setup a password on your iphone.  This way, if someone gets their hands on your phone, they wont have access to any of your information.  Now a way to bypass that password has surfaced.  By pressing certain things in sequence on the emergency call screen, a thief can gain access to all of your contacts, voicemails, and history.  They don’t get access to the rest of the phone, but I think we can agree that your contacts and voicemails are most important to keep private.

   Below is the video I found in a link on twitter.  Go ahead and try the hack on your own iphone, I did :)  If you get stuck and can’t back out of the screen, just call a phone number and then cancel it.  This will send you back to the passcode screen.

—-Update: This trick only works on iphones that are currently up to date.  Tried to show a friend yesterday and it didn’t work because their iphone had never even been updated—


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