Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Throwbacks and Showcasing Ultra Quality Settings

A unique thing about World of Warcraft is that you can look back on it much like you would RL (real life).  In game, relationships are formed between fellow guildies and other friends met in the online world.  Despite not knowing these people in RL, you spend so much time with them in the game world that the relationships formed are much like the ones formed outside of the game.  It’s not so much as remembering a persons avatar, but more so remembering their online name and the person behind that name.   If you spend a lot of time on just one server instead of many, you often run into the same people over and over again.  You may end up questing with someone you helped level in  a previous expansion or vice versa.  I’ve bumped into people, or invited people into my guild, that I realize I’ve ran with in the past.  *I’ve played the game for 5 years, so I can put an emphasis on past.* 

I recently blogged about a new computer that I bought and I have to say that I’m still very happy with my choice.  I’ve been running everything max settings and multi-tasking like a beast with no noticeable loss of performance.  I only have a couple of screen caps in game since the new settings, but I wanted to show the difference between now and the past.  Some of the past photos which will be labeled, are throwbacks to previous guilds and WoW experiences.


Taken with ultra settings, me and Malfurion Stormrage!


My friend Dylan riding my rocket (inside joke). Picture also taken with ultra settings.

dylan wow2

A throwback picture on medium settings. This is the early days of Naxx and our guild at the time.


Another throwback. Medium settings. Left to right, brother’s ex, brother, and myself

Hopefully in the coming months we’ll be seeing more of these picture postings with my current guild, either in a raid or a BG, doesn’t matter.

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