Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Infinity Blade

Typically when it comes to my iphone 4, I watch movies on netflix or crunchy roll streaming and/or listen to music on Pandora. I find it hard actually find a game that works well with my phone. I have some insanely awesome classic games like Sonic and Gunstar Heroes, but the lack of textile buttons makes the game play not just difficult but annoying. I've also spent money and downloaded games like Civilization and Final Fantasy, but end up playing the 0.99 cent or free games. Time is also a major factor in that case.

When the iphone 4 was first announced, Infinity Blade was a demoed game with major backing that was made specifically for the iphone. The 5.99 price point and the lack of wifi when I'm bored enough to want it, had kept me from downloading this game.

Now I finally have it, and conclude it's seriously addicting. The graphics are amazing and the controls were definitely made for the iphone. You play a knight who invades this castle to kill the evil leader who killed your father. As you make your way through the dungeon you fight a succession of bosses. While fighting you can swipe your finger in either direction to make your person dodge in that direction. Swiping in the direction of a blade swing parries the attack while swiping in any other motion makes your character swing out with his sword in the direction you swiped. You also have magic spells that when enabled you write out the symbol for the spell on your screen to cast. The first few levels are pretty easy, well except for the main boss(I wont spoil it). Although every time you come back the bosses are harder and trickier than they were the previous time you fought them.

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