Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lich King

PhotobucketThe Frozen Throne   It took a long time, long enough that this expansion is almost over, but we finally stood at the bottom of the frozen throne.  Are adversary, the Lich King.  It was a good run while it lasted and I was lucky enough to have found a group that actually stuck together throughtout the run without rage quiting on everyone.  The 10 man raid mainly consisted of members from an end game guild on our server.  I hope to get my guild in here one day, even if casual.  For now, I have to better myself as well as anyone else I can drag along with me from the guild.  The more powerful I get, the more options I open up for the guild.


   Unfortunately despite making it to the final boss, we weren’t able to defeat him.  A lot of people were tired from a full day of raiding that no one was up to par for the LK.  So we were not able to get our kingslayer title, but we faced him.  The knowledge of all the fights had up until the LK will help with future content.

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